Ultra IoT Connected Lab Selects Outdoor Advertising Startup Ozzy as Winner of Inaugural Incubator Program

Runners up in the Transportation and AgTech Industries will also Receive Connectivity and Mentorship

NEW YORK, Oct. 9, 2017 /PRWeb/ -- Ultra Connected Lab, focused on creating and supporting solutions within the Internet of Things (IoT) and backed by nation wide mobile carrier Ultra Mobile, announced today that they have selected outdoor advertising startup Ozzy as their inaugural winner, as well as two runner ups, for their IoT Incubator program.


Ozzy is an innovative startup based out of Palo Alto that is building the first targeted out-of-home content network, and will be harnessing the incubator program to delivery and manage their IoT connectivity as effectively as possible. The startup is currently in stealth mode, and is looking to scale quickly through the program. Ozzy will receive:


  • $20,000 US Ultra Mobile connectivity (to be used within 12 months)

  • Customized portal (to be built during the 10 week program)

  • Mentorship

  • $4,000 towards travel


The runner ups to the program are BarnOwl, an AgTech company developing real-time monitoring solutions for farmers and ranchers to improve security and productivity; and a transportation company. These two companies will receive: 

  • $10,000 US Ultra Mobile connectivity (to be used within 12 months)

  • Mentorship

  • $2,000 towards travel


Applications to the Lab’s Incubator program spanned different industry verticals, and various stages of companies showcasing the breadth of IoT applications. The top three industries that applied were Transportation, which was 46% of the applicant pool, and Shipping and Environmental, which both landed at 13%.

“We are so thrilled to start our journey with the three companies as they become our partners, particularly as they show such diverse applications of IoT,” said Sarah Neil, VP of Corporate Development at Ultra Mobile and General Manager of Ultra IoT Connected Lab. “We truly believe this program will keep us competitive as the rest of the industry is still wrestling with the opportunities around IoT. The Ultra Connected Lab and this incubator program ladders up to Ultra Mobile’s mission of democratizing communication for global communities. IoT is such an exciting field, the types of innovation and thinking behind some of the applications is incredible. We’re firm believers that IoT will change the world as we know it and make it a better place.”

Powered by lean startup and customer-first mentalities, the Lab’s 10-week incubator program will offer a Launchpad to build a bespoke portal to uniquely suit their requirements. The Lab’s ultimate goal is that through increased collaboration, the team will identify barriers to entry within IoT, and generate disruptive solutions to facilitate innovation within industry at large.

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Ultra Mobile Launches Ultra IoT Connected Lab and First-of-its-Kind Incubator Program

Winning Applicant Will Receive Office Space, $20,000 in Connectivity Services, Engineering Resources and Mentorship as Part of a 10-Week Program

NEW YORK, Sept. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Ultra Mobile, a nationwide mobile carrier developing innovative mobile phone services, today announced the launch of Ultra IoT Connected Lab, an accelerated development program  focused on creating and supporting solutions within the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT industry is set to reach $1.4 trillion in spending by 2021, and with 10% of devices requiring a cellular connection, Ultra Mobile is in a unique position to tap into these opportunities and provide a platform and infrastructure to offer customers value-added solutions.

Powered by lean startup and customer-first mentalities, the Lab's first initiative is a 10-week incubator program offering a launchpad for an IoT startup to build a bespoke portal to uniquely suit their requirements. The Lab's ultimate goal is that through increased collaboration, the team will identify barriers to entry within IoT, and generate innovative, disruptive solutions to the industry at large.

Application to the program, which opens today, will close on September 26, 2017. The inaugural winner of the incubator program will be announced on September 29th, and the program will run from October 2nd 2017 to December 8th 2017. The chosen winner will be given the opportunity to take advantage of:

  • 10 weeks of office space in New York, or Orange County, California

  • $20,000 of US connectivity services

  • Custom built Minimum Viable Product (MVP) portal with 6 months of iterations

  • Industry-recognized mentors

  • Attendance at the IoT Tech Expo in Santa Clara (including $2,000 of travel)

  • No equity taken


"Ultra Mobile is committed to connecting the world, and providing cutting-edge solutions to democratize communications for all," said Tyler Leshney, President of Ultra Mobile. "As our day-to-day life becomes more connected, we see the launch of the Ultra IoT Connected Lab as an opportunity tap into this convergence and to provide connectivity to more customers."


A select panel of judges in the realms of media, advertising and entrepreneurship have been chosen to evaluate the pool of applicants for the program. These judges include, Tom Kelshaw, Director of Innovation at media agency Maxus, Yao Huang, Managing Partner of venture collaboration organization The Hatchery, Katja Bartholmess, Founder of marketing consultancy Gimme Gorgeous, and Sarah Neill, VP of Corporate Development at Ultra Mobile – who is also taking the lead as General Manager of the Lab. "We are thrilled to see the insights and collaboration that come out of Ultra Connected Lab and to begin this journey over the next few months," said Sarah Neill of Ultra Mobile.  


Applicants will be asked to electronically submit information about their products and company by September 26th.  The winner will be notified by September 29th.  

Ultra IoT Connected Lab is the latest example of Ultra Mobile's dedication to delivering the most competitive and innovative offerings in the industry - empowering its global community.


To apply, and for more information on Ultra IoT Connected Labs please visit ultramobileiot.com.


About Ultra Mobile: 
Founded in 2011, Ultra Mobile is a non-contract nationwide mobile carrier, focusing on delivering innovative, cost effective mobile voice, text, and data services for people living in the United States who regularly call or text internationally. Its international services reach over 200 destinations, providing convenient and affordable solutions that connect people with their extended families, friends and colleagues living around the world. In 2015, Ultra Mobile was ranked #1 on the Inc. 500 as the fastest-growing private company in the United States. Ultra Mobile is co-headquartered in New York City and Southern California, with more than 150 employees based in USA, Europe, and Asia. The company offer customer support in English, Chinese, and Spanish. For more information, visit: www.ultramobile.com.


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