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You'll receive your Simplifi Router with your Mint Mobile SIM already in place, active and ready for use. 

You will have 2GB of 4G LTE data available to use. If you need more data you can login to your Mint Mobile account Enroll in Auto Recharge, upgrade to a 5GB or 10GB plan or purchase additional data 1GB at a time. And make the most of your Simplifi device.

Getting Started

Set up for Quick Internet Access:

  1. Plug the Simplifi router into the top plug of an outlet

  2. Once you see a green solid light, search for WiFi Simplifi-XXXX on the device you would like to connect, and connect with the Simplifi Device Password (on device and on box label).


Set up for Cellular Failover:

  1. Simply plug the Simplifi router into power (ideally on its own)

  2. Connect your Simplifi router to your existing modem with the simplify dongle (in the box). This will replace your existing router.

  3. Once you see a green solid light, your failover is in place.


* App Coming Soon *


Tip: For the fastest speeds, connect your Simplifi device into an outlet on its own and in an area with minimal obstructions. Test your simplify in different places in your home to find the best results. Note, a longer ethernet cord could be useful if connecting to a modem located away from the Simplifi ideal location.

Device Management Portal

Use a computer or phone connected to the same WiFi as the Simplifi device:

  • Enter into browser:

  • Username: Simplifi

  • Device Password: from label on box/ product


Within here you can review your connection configurations, update the SSID name and password, hide the SSID (once connected to the device you want) and adjust your security settings. This Device Management portal is also useful for troubleshooting.

Support Guide

For more detailed product specs, setup instructions and FAQs, please review this support guide.

Need more help, contact

Resilience. Your smart home is only smart so long as it's connected. Keep connection, even if your fixed line goes down with failover over LTE.

Portability. Take your connectivity with you. Just plug it into power, and you have WiFi on the go. Great for weekend vacations, in your RV, or on your boat!

Security. Built in firewall + encryption will make your home even more secure. Plus log into your device and define your own security settings.

Simplicity. Connect your devices to the internet over cellular and fixed line, simply and easily. Get setup in a matter of minutes.

Simplifi Router + 3 months of cellular failover - $299 

Get started with the Simplifi Router, with 3 months of free included cellular failover service (2GB of 4G LTE/mo) powered by Mint Mobile.

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